World Conference Reflections, Chapter 3

By Ben Smith

'Together We Decide'

Pilgrims descend,

spiraling inwards, a journey triggering confluence of hopeful hearts both full and empty, awaiting, anticipating. Disciples return to learn and discern where the Spirit calls.

Slow down they said, slow down.

Thoughts and perspectives,

sometimes selective, perhaps subjective, our thoughts confront the other. Our brother, our sister, informed by our desire to proclaim.

For, against, our aim to persuade, using words to pervade our minds eye to the body.

Sacred noise of voice,

our choice to chant our speeches like rain on brass dome, love flows, yet the pain of movement when chained with God to some like nails on chalkboard, others the perfect chord.

Democracy, theocracy, comedy and rationality, together pursuing grace and peace.

Slow down they said, slow down.

But how can we slow down when there are people crying, children dying and governments prying?

How, when with ample fear we shed tear after tear, our hearts sear for hope, for change, and compassion to come near.

Hands go up, hands stay down,

we drown in pomp and ceremony, yet find comfort in the familiar. Chair turned bridge builder tasked not to bewilder but to unravel rubric and rule.

Decisions, revisions, voted and disposed, we listen to each other, to God.

Blessed, we slow down.

Discernment and prayer,

as we prepare to share the peace of Christ to our worlds, we stand together. Like bird of feather we soar with the Spirit to new heights of oneness.

When we slow, like third cry of roosters crow God let’s us know we are one.

Slow down God said, slow down.

Now, spiraling outward,

cascading into the heart of humanity, building unity in diversity with a community that deserves Gods grace.

So today we stand. When we slow to understand, we walk hand in hand in a journey to peace.