Ripples of Love Response

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“When he opened the door and my Mum said, “Welcome!” I was kinda weirded out that the Apostle was staying at our place. I mean, he was important! He was a big wig that knew things about God that I could only begin to imagine, but he was staying at our house. I was thinking to myself, “best behaviour and definitely no swearing”. Soon enough though, I found that he was just another person, a person who cared enough about people that it was his life mission to join with others to let us know that God loved them. If it wasn’t for him, and those who followed, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now.”


For generations, our people have been custodians of the sacredness that we call Community of Christ. They built buildings, conducted mission trips, developed relationships and created outreach programs that impacted thousands of people. Now, we are the custodians. It’s our turn to give of ourselves to ensure the message of Christ continues to reach people. But here is the kicker. Right now, all over the world, the World Church needs to significantly reduce its budget due to financial shortages. Given that most of the budget is used to employ staff, budget reductions mean people will lose their jobs. People just like those who came and stayed at our house. Real people. 

What if you could help? What if, just like your parents and grand parents you could make a small difference. Whether it is $5 or $5000, your financial contribution helps those ministers spread the good news around the world. It helps ministers open food pantries, it pays for International Youth Forums, it sponsors people to attend World Conference and even helps put petrol in the car of the President. One way to reach the goal would be if 6000 people contributed $1000 (USD) each March through 2019. What if world wide we come together as one to make this happen! Around the world people just like you are contemplating their response. It’s even pretty easy!

Right now is the time to consider increasing your gis so that the mission of the church can be realised. Typically, contributions to the church are distributed evenly between World Church and Local Ministries. Now is the time to assess your giving and ask yourself if you can find an extra dollar to respond. One dollar thrown in the ocean might seem small, but that dollar will create a ripple of generosity spanning the globe!

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