Tiona Reunion - Registrations Open!

Dear Friends,

Tiona Reunion planning is well underway and it’s full steam ahead. It promises to be a joyful and uplifting experience…

Full registrations are now open and here is the link: https://campscui.active.com/orgs/CommunityofChrist0#/selectSessions/2186304

I am grateful that we continue to be able to provide the opportunity to come together and know community in a way that touches human hearts so profoundly. At Tiona Reunion we can refresh our spirit and listen to the voice of God speaking directly into our own hearts. We are inspired and touched by hearing each other’s stories… each other’s challenges… each other’s passion. We are strengthened by being in relationship with one another… finding our connection, our sisterhood and brotherhood, in amongst our diversity.

Tiona Reunion is unique in that you can tailor a Registration package to best suit your budget and your needs. (See the full fee schedule below). Everyone pays the standard Event fee cost, then you add the accommodation of your choice and optional dining packages. Below we have listed the breakdown of costs for this year – heavily subsidised by the Tiona Lease Management income.

As many of you will be aware, each August we must pre-select our accommodation for the upcoming Reunion and many took the opportunity to reserve their preference. If you have not already reserved accommodation and wish to book cabin style accommodation for 2017 Reunion please contact me IMMEDIATELY to discuss the options.

Also make sure you tell us if you need to match your Reunion booking with a private booking at Tiona before or after Reunion. You can call Karen at Tiona office on 02 6554 0291 if you would like to make or confirm a private pre- or post-Reunion booking. You can also tell us if there are special circumstances impacting your choice of Tiona accommodation. If you have any questions please drop me an email at tionareunion@gmail.com OR text or phone 0411 473835. Remember, there are limited supplies of some cabin types so the sooner you tell us what you want the better we can negotiate to find a win-win solution.


- Jan Thompson, Tiona Reunion Director



2017 Full Fee Schedule


Registration Fee

The registration fee goes towards morning teas and suppers, and special events, Community meals like Carnival lunch on 27th and New Year’s Day brunch, all scheduled activities, program materials and resources, and guest ministry.


Whole week

Adult (19 +)


Youth (16 to 18)


Child (5 to15)






Powered Camp Site



Lodge Room

$90 per room


Lakeside Ensuite Cabin



Beachside Ensuite Cabin



Beachside Convent’l Cabin



Beachside Spa Cabin



Eco Spa Cabin



Sand Dunes Family Cottage



Sand Dunes Cottage



Lake House




*The prices listed for cabin accommodation are show the 10% discount provided for booking made PRIOR to 26 August (under the terms of the lease). This discount may not be available for late cabin bookings..


Catered Meals (optional)

You can book meals for the week, or if not attending the whole week you can pay the daily rate for the number of days needed.


(Please note: Lunch on 27th Dec and 12noon Brunch on1st Jan are included in Event fees).


Following are the OPTIONAL dining packages you can choose to add:


Lunch and Dinner = 4 Lunches + 6 Dinners

16 & over                    10-15yo                       5-9yo

$135 (all week)           $98 (all week)             $68 (all week)


Dinner only (6 Dinners)

$85 (all week)             $66 (all week)             $48 (all week)


$15 (per day)              $11 (per day)              $8 (per day)


Lunch only (4 Lunches)

$50 (all week)             $32 (all week)             $20 (all week)

OR                              OR                              OR

$12.50 (per day)         $8 (per day)                $5 (per day)