Letter of gratitude for Christy Pratt

Dear Friends, 

It’s with somber gratitude that I write to you and advise that Christy Pratt, who has been serving as a Congregational Support Minister in Perth for the past 4 years, will finish her employment with the church in September. Due to changes in the skilled workers visa (which we have used for quite some time for a number of non-Australian employees), the classification of “Religious Worker” has been removed from the approved skills list, meaning the church can no longer sponsor workers coming from overseas. This will mean that at the end of Christy’s sponsorship she will be returning to the USA.

While she has only been with us here for four years, her contribution to our movement will be unforgettable. Her sensitivity to the Spirit, her flair with art and expression, together with her ability to enthuse any group of people with her zest for life will remain her gift to us well beyond her physical presence. I feel we have also left a permanent mark in her life, having educated (and convinced!) her of the benefits of Australian life and culture.

We will miss you Christy, and look forward to hearing more about your journey wherever the Spirit leads you.

Please join me in expressing gratitude to Christy and let her know how much she has meant to you, her email is cpratt@cofchrist.com.au. 

With Peace,

Ben Smith

President, Australia Mission Centre.