National Gathering

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As a spiritual venture, boldly follow the initiatives into the heart of God’s vision for the church and creation. Then, in response to growing insight about God’s nature and will, continue to shape communities that live Christ’s love and mission.

Doctrine and Covenants 165: 1b


Like a labyrinth, we are called to venture into the heart of God’s vision to discover and discern where the church is called to be. It is there we will find insights about who we are as a people, and how we must respond to the world around us to create communities of joy, hope, love and peace. But there we must not remain. Receiving, discerning and learning is only half the task; action, application and mission are essential if we are to follow the path of the disciple. If we walked into the centre of the labyrinth and discovered love but did not come out, how could we experience love fully?

The spiral of the temple, the patterns of the seasons, the cycle of the sun and moon – all remind us that as a people we are best when we are moving and changing. If the sun were to stop, there would be no life; if there was only winter, there would be no life. Movement is critical, and if we stand still for even a moment, we risk falling out of step with the rhythms of creation.

This National Gathering we will explore this idea, moving into the heart of God’s vision for the church on a deeper level. Then, using newly found will and testimony, we will shape new expressions of community, binding us closely with our mission as a people of peace and justice. Through debate, moments of reflection, laughter and love, we will write, share and create exciting possibilities for the church to live its purpose. The return to Tiona has provided us with a new set of challenges, yet I believe it draws us back to what matters most for us as we take a break from the ordinary to explore our core mission. 

Will you join me in creating the future for our movement? 

Ben Smith

President, Australia Mission Centre