Announcement regarding Kallara Reunion

29 June 2017

Dear Friends,

The Victoria Network Pastors recently met at Kallara during Family Camp to consider the future direction for Reunion. The context to their discussion was that Reunion has experienced decreasing attendance over the past decade, with participants citing that the time of year was becoming less available for retreat, with most choosing to spend valuable time with family and friends. Contrasting that is the higher attendance at shorter camps such as Family Camp and congregational retreats.

It was decided that Mission resources previously allocated to Reunion be shifted to Family Camp, resulting in Reunion no longer being held at Kallara, with last year (2016) being the final reunion experience in Victoria for the time being. It is a bitter sweet decision, with many life changing experiences taking place at either Mountain Hut
or Kallara which will never be forgotten. A more in depth reflection will be published
in the coming months that recount some of those experiences.

It is a reminder that as the world changes, so must our ways of connecting with each other. Adapting and evolving can be difficult, perhaps even painful at times, however
it is through these experiences that we grow together and with God to enrich the lives of the community around us. May we always look to the purpose of our meeting – sharing the Good News, and continue to find new ways of experiencing God’s grace.


Ben Smith,

Australia Mission Centre President