New Mission President

Dear Saints,

Receive my loving and respectfull greetings.

It is with humility and pleasure that I am able to announce that, after having respected the recruitment process, after reflection, with prayers and spirit of discernment,
brother Ben Smith has accepted the position of Mission President designate for the Australia Mission Centre effective March 31, 2017.

This appointment will be presented to the delegates to the Australia Mission Centre conference on May 27-28 for a sustaining vote.

A formal letter of appointment will be forthcoming from the First Presidency.

I share this announcement to provide you advance notice of the official appointment.

Once brother Ben Smith assumes the role on March 31, 2017, brother Ken Barrows will shift to the position of a special assistant to the Mission Centre President to provide assistance according to the needs and contexts.

We thank Brother Ken Barrows for the good, valiant and unique ministry given to the Mission Centre for these past eight years.

We celebrate God’s love and light, which continues to guide us in this journey to Zion.
Let us continue to pray and tosupport one another in the Peace of Christ.



Mareva Arnaud,


February 6th, 2017


Download the official letter here